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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Avon Toning Trainers---

I will be trying these shoes out soon.  I will let you know how they work.  I have been looking at the ones in the mall and these are half the cost.  I heard that if you run your errands while wearing these you will get a full leg work out...You can get these through AVON and guess What?.  We sell Avon if you are interested in any of the Get Fit Products or anything else go to our website. www.youravon.com/jarrodcarpenter We can even give you a free shipping coupon if you do not live close to us---or if you are local we will bring it by direct.  I am so excited to try these out. I have to run errands anyway,  might as well get a better booty and legs while doing it.  Right!  Wish me luck.     

Curves® for Women Toning Sneaker

Keep fit and healthy for the new year!

price: $49.99
Unique rounded sole encourages a natural rocking motion with every step to challenge muscles and improve circulation and posture as you walk. Promotes better balance and posture. Natural shock absorbers encourage muscles to work harder while protecting your back, knee and hip joints. Leather and man-made materials.
Curves® is a registered trademark of Curves International, Inc. ©Curves International, Inc.

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